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MWE's Mercer-Style 7 Stage Cascade Impactor

MW Enterprises, LLC (MWE) builds the "ORIGINAL" Mercer-Style 7 Stage Cascade Impactor. Each Mercer-style Cascade Impactor is precision designed and manufactured in our state of the art facility to provide the sharpest, most precise particle cuts available in the industry.

The MW Enterprises, LLC's Mercer-Style 7 Stage Cascade Impactors are precision engineered particle samplers and their careful design provides a number of advantages to the user. The material collected on each stage contains particles having sizes ranging from the cutoff size of the previous stage to the cutoff of the collecting size. Therefore, the analysis of the impactor data may be done without complicated computer programs. It also means that the particles collected on one stage can be re-suspended and used as an aerosol with known size particles.

The precision design and fabrication of the MWE's Impactor means a lower wall loss of particles. Typical losses for our impactors are less than 10%. The low loss design is also important to the accurate uniform performance of the impactor. This design allows the air flowing through the impactor to establish the proper flow pattern after passing through one stage before entering the next.

MWE's Cascade Impactors exhibit the sharpest aerosol particle cut-off efficiency curves of any commercially available design. Our cascade impactors can be operated over a range of flow rates without sacrificing collection efficiency.

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