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Quad-Track Diffusion Dryer

Quad-Track Diffusion Dryer

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Enhance the quality of your aerosol products with our Quad-Track Diffusion Dryer. Our advanced technology utilizes four tracks for optimal aerosol conditioning, resulting in a more effective and reliable product. Improve your production process and achieve superior results with our Quad-Track Diffusion Dryer.

 The Quad Track Diffusion Dryer, manufactured by MW Enterprises, LLC addresses common issues in aerosolization processes. It features four 2.5 cm woven metal cloth aerosol paths, each lined with color indicating silica gel desiccant beads to minimize particle size distribution and humidity changes. This cylindrical device, complete with custom end caps, easily integrates with existing aerosol delivery lines and measures 9" in length. The Quad Track Diffusion Dryer was tested against a single-path diffusion dryer and proven to have minimal impaction and sedimentation losses, as well as negligible diffusion losses for 30 nm particles at a volumetric flow rate of 10 L/min. Furthermore, it can also be filled with granular activated carbon for effective removal of organic vapors, with up to 96% removal of ethanol vapor demonstrated in comparative tests. The Quad Track Diffusion Dryer includes a convenient port for easy maintenance and recharging of the color indicating silica gel.

**Quad Track Diffusion Dryer sample in pictures are raw finish, it comes standard in hard anodize finish and is also available in nickel plate finish.


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